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Ni John Fru Ndi December 4, 2012

Filed under: Ni John — makiekeys @ 10:44 am

There were at least four Facebook profiles and one Facebook page dedicated to the SDF Chairman, although it is doubtful that any of them was officially sanctioned by the Chairman or the SDF. In short, the SDF/Fru Ndi had no Facebook presence – an indication that the party is in dire need of a new generation of leaders and activists at ease with modern communications tools and strategies.

An SDF-News Twitter account was  created towards the election but it did not seem to be part of any concerted SDF communications or campaign strategy since it carried little or no SDF campaign-related information (at least, as of Sept 16). It is not clear if the profile was created by an SDF party sympathizer or by the party. There is also an SDF website which as of September 16 had not been updated since August 2011. In short, the SDF seemed to be a very reluctant player on the social media scene, if at all.



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