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Cameroon social media landscape December 4, 2012

Filed under: cameroon social media landscape — makiekeys @ 8:18 am


As a young Cameroonian interested in politics,i intend to focus on political PR.I love the politics of my country and intend to contribute a lot in it after my masters studies.

I intended looking at the social media platform in Cameroon in this blog.But my interest for political PR pushed me to look at how political candidates navigated the social media platform during the 2011.What actually got me interested was the fact that everyone  realized the importance of using  social media in their campaigns.

The use of social media for political campaigns received a major boost in 2008,thanks to the Obama presidential campaigns which used social media platforms in a creative way to engage and mobilize voter.Because of this, almost all candidates running for presidential elections or political offices have tried to imitate the Obama social media strategy.


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