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pesident paul biya December 4, 2012

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President Paul Biya
Paul BiyaThe president’s relatively recent social media presence was part of a much broader (and reportedlyvery expensive) PR campaign crafted by Patricia Balme,which was the most recent in a series of French “communications guru,” who have managed the President’s image since 1992, and whose firm, PB Com International, had been responsible for some time of sprucing up the Biya regime’s image on the international scene. [YouTube video]. In addition to his official campaign website, President Biya also had a Facebook page with over 7000 fans, and a Twitter profile/handle.

It is worth noting that the President doesn’t personally update his Twitter and Facebook accounts. In fact, only two African Heads of State, Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Jim Kikwete of Tanzania personally write their own Tweets and directly engage their audience.


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